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Fix PUBG Missing MSVCP140


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Fix PUBG Missing MSVCP140.DLL Error

If you’re on this page you almost certainly searching for the answer of error PUBG Cannot Find msvcp140. After, getting this error you will think there’s an issue together with your game installer, but it’s not your installer that shows this error. Sometimes it’s thanks to the corrupted system Libraries. The msvcp140.dll may be a Microsoft Runtime system library that’s constantly employed by the many programs running in your system. Sometimes, this file gets corrupted thanks to its high demand and shows errors like this: Fix PUBG Missing MSVCP140.

Try reinstalling the program to mend this problem.” or

Reinstalling the appliance may fix this problem.” But don’t get panic thanks to these system errors, you’ll fix them easily.

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o PUBG Error: didn’t Create Tslgame.exe Methods to Fix: PUBG Cannot Find msvcp140.dll Method

1: Install MSVCP140.dll File Due to the high request of the msvcp140.dll file by the software or other processes. This file may get damaged, then there’s a desire to interchange this file with the new one. Fortunately, you’ll be able to directly download this file just by following these simple steps.

  •  Download the DLL-files setup and install it.
  • After installation run the applying.

  •  Now, in search box type msvcp140.dll and click on on rummage around for DLL file.
  •  Click on msvcp140.dll name go in the search result. o Now click Install.


 If not then try the subsequent one.

Method 2:

Copy MSVCP140.dll File from Another Computer Here is another solution that you just can try and fix the error that shows PUBG Cannot Find msvcp140.dll. during this method, you have got to repeat the msvcp140.dll file from another computer so paste it on the pc within which you’re getting msvcp140.dll missing error.

Note: confine mind that the pc from which you’re copying msvcp140.dll file should have the identical version of windows(10/8/7) and architectures(x86/ x64) as yours. Simple steps to try to to so:

  •  First, Press Windows+E key together, this can open the File Explorer. Now navigate to the local disk: (C).


  • You need to follow this path (C:\Windows\System32), now in System32 folder find msvcp140.dll file and replica it.
  •  With the assistance of a USB flash drive, you’ve got to stick this copied go into the identical location (C:\Windows\System32) on your computer. Once you’re done restart your computer and check out to launch PUBG application. If it runs with no error, then you’ve got done an excellent job. Method

3: Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package provides the runtime environment for the appliance supported C++ built by using Visual studio. The msvcp140.dll is that the a part of this package. So, to switch your msvcp140.dll corrupted file with fresh one its an honest idea to reinstall this package. you’ll be able to easily download the complete package from Microsoft and Reinstall it.


Steps to download are given below.

  • To download the updated package just head to Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update

3 download page.

  • Now, Select the Language and click on on the Download button.
  • Carefully, select the suitable version from the download list which is compatible along with your windows (x64 or x84 version).
  • To check your Windows version just type System info within the search bar
  •  Click on System Information. Now, search for System type during this window.
  •  As you recognize the Windows version (x86 or x64). Now, just simply select the compatible version from the download page and click on on Next.
  • Once the download finished. Simply, install the package.
  •  Now, Restart your system. o And try and launch the PUBG and see if the identical error is introduction or not. If there’s no error then great, error is now fixed.


Method 4: Reinstalling the PUBG Game.

The installation files of the Programs may include this msvcp140.dll file which will fix this problem. this can be the sole reason, why the error message say reinstalling the appliance may fix this problem.

So, you’ll be able to also do that method to repair the error showing PUBG Cannot Find msvcp140.dll.


  • Press Window+R key at the identical time on your keyboard. this may open a Run window.
  •  Now Simply, type appwiz.cpl within the Run window and hit Enter.


  •  A new window appears on your screen that shows the list of all the installed programs on your system. Then Select the PUBG application from the list and click on on Uninstall.
  • A confirmation window will crop up, click Yes. this may completely uninstall the PUBG from your system.


  • Restart your computer.
  • Now, Reinstall the PUBG game and see whether the matter fixed or not. Method

5: Run a Full System Virus Scan Till the time if you can’t find the permanent fix for this frustrating error message PUBG Cannot Find msvcp140.dll.

Some times a virulent disease or malware may block the execution of msvcp140.dll file for the programs that require this file as their runtime environment. Window defender can’t detect these Malwares so we recommend Malware Bytes, Avira or other third party trusted antivirus to scan your whole computer. After the whole scan if your antivirus detected any Threat or Malware.

This may definitely resolve the matter that you just facing during the launch.

We have learned lots about .DLL files. As we see there are different methods that may facilitate your to repair this .dll missing error. But from the above discussion, we conclude that reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package or Installing a Fresh copy of MSVCP140.dll File are the most effective and effective methods to repair the missing msvcp140.dll file error.

How much GB required for PUBG PC Lite?

To install PUBG Lite on your laptops or desktops, you would like approximately 4 GB of free space.

Can I play PUBG on an i3 processor? Yes, you’ll play on PCs having an i3 processor but the sport will lag as PUBG is updating its game features day by day. So Fix PUBG Missing MSVCP140 solved.



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