How to increase organic traffic

Increase organic traffic

Rank on page one for a keyword in an exceedingly computer program, and you’ll see organic traffic increase rank within the top 3 positions or the featured snippet for.  So it no surprise that determining the way to increase organic traffic is that the grail of search marketing. Here are six tactics to assist increase search traffic and reach your marketing goals long-term. Identify and Fix Non-Performing Content Find New Keyword Opportunities Optimize for Higher CTR Blog to extend Ranking Keywords Fast Improve Site Architecture to induce Sitelinks Dominate Featured Snippets Tactic

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1: Identify and Fix Non-Performing Content.


It’s not doing you any favors, and it’s going to even be hurting your chances of getting search traffic. That because non performing content takes up crawl budget. How search engines decide what number pages, and which pages, of a site to crawl—which is proscribed. If your site incorporates a lot of non-performing content, search engines get snarled up crawling the ineffective content and abandon the location before crawling the nice stuff.

Running a content audit

This content can position better within the SERPs, winning more organic clicks long-term. How to Find and Fix Non-Performing Content.

Running a content audit is that the best thanks to do this: Create a list of target keywords and their related articles that don’t seem to be capturing much of the traffic for that term. a technique to try to to this is often using Alexa’s Site Keywords tool. Type in your site to urge a listing of all the keywords driving traffic to your site. Use the filters to exclude terms that already capture an outsized share of the traffic for that keyword by filtering for Share of Voice between 0 and 5. filter keywords by share of voice This will provide you with a listing of keywords that are driving some traffic to your site. Download a spreadsheet of those keywords to spot which of them are driving traffic to which URL on your site.

SEO Audit Tool

Assess qualitative factors like content quality and timeliness. Identify SEO errors like broken links, dead-end pages and duplicate content using Alexa’s SEO Audit Tool. Use our content audit template to prepare the knowledge and takeaways. This seo tool identifies errors and can recommend fixes for your site .


Once you identified non-performing content choose one or a mix of next steps. Optimize meta tag SEO, headers and image ALTs to climb within the SERPs. You able to inspect individual pages for improvements using our On-Page SEO Checker. on-page SEO checker to enhance organic traffic. Use canonical redirects on similar pieces of content.

Tactic 2: Find New Keyword Opportunities

That’s just natural: New, relevant keywords emerge all the time, and adding new product features release new keyword opportunities. It takes time for content production to include those opportunities into the keyword strategy. Missed keyword opportunities can stymie organic traffic growth and provides competitors a plus. Missed keyword opportunities can stymie organic traffic growth and provides competitors a bonus. How to Find Keyword Opportunities. A way to try and do this is often to use Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty tool.


This may pull up related keyword opportunities, which you sort to search out the foremost popular terms. This is often an Alexa metric that tells you which ones terms you’ll realistically rank for and which you can’t. It’s supported your site’s past performance in organic search. Map the search intent of the keyword opportunities by actually googling them and seeing what sort of content ranks best. Use a keyword difficulty tool to assist sort through what you’ll rank for The Keyword Difficulty tool breaks out the competition of related terms. So you recognize what you really rank for.

Tactic 3: Optimize for Higher CTR

Optimize for Higher CTR Positioning on page one is just half the organic search traffic battle.  You furthermore might must convince searchers to click on your result instead of a competitor.  Optimizing for click-through rate (CTR) incorporates a double benefit. Firstly You entice searchers aloof from competitor sites and onto your own increasing your organic traffic.  Secondly you send positive signals to look engines. A high CTR is a technique Google prioritizes search results.

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