How to fix it destination folder already exists

What is plugin error “destination folder already exists” and How to fix it.

Thousand and million website design on WordPress just because of there is no need of good programming languages. Yes absolutely if you are don’t know coding skill even you can design your own website for your business, blogs etc.


This is possible because of WordPress platform as it work with just few setup  such as themes and plugin  installation.

The destination folder already exists is usual error which is occurs when we are installing a plugin on WordPress which we have already installed once but not install correctly.

In some cases it happen due to common error but programmer thinks plugin not installed because it’s not show in list of installed plugin. It is normal confusion if there is not listed plugin name and we try to install again and again but it’s show the same error as “Destination folder already exists” .

If this type error appears at the time of installation  at that time few question raise in our mind as below:-

  1.  What is wrong ?
  2.  Why is it getting error ?
  3.  How to solve it ?

Instead of asking these unwanted question with yourself just try to solve in just few step.

Before going to solve it we should knowledge about what is file manager and where is it located.

So. In this article we will see how to login file manager and how to edit plugin inside file manager.

Before to proceed we require few thing such as cpanel login credential.

You must authorized to login cpanel.


Step 1:- login to cpanel and select File manager option.




How to fix it destination folder already exists

Step:- Select your Domain which you want to fix error.



Stage 3:- Now select “public_html” option


installation failed destination folder already exists

Step 4:- After opening “public_html” option you will see three option as mentioned in image.

Out of three click on “wp-content”.

Step 5:- In “wp-content” folder you see it contain multiple folder inside. Here we need to go plugin


Finally we find the error now delete the plugin folder in which you are getting error.

installation failed destination folder already exists

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