How to create USB bootable with Multiple windows

How to create USB bootable with Multiple windows

Normally we create USB bootable with single windows for our use but some time in this smart world its not enough to run with only single aim. Because this whole world not only running fast but its running with super fast speed.

So everyone want to perform a big task in a single finger tips or we can say they want do more in small place. In same way a perfect IT guys never going to carry multiple pen drive for each windows as bootable the reason behind that only its bad idea its expensive also.

If you want to carry more than one windows you need to carry minimum 3 pen drive for each version.

But if you are slightly smart you never going to carry this at all. A smart IT person always try to collect all windows at a single place to explore his/her idea. So in this article we are going to see how it can do with simple trick and few step.

To perform this we require few thing as mentioned below:-


=> Minimum 16GB Pen Drive

=> All windows ISO image like windows 7/8/10

=> Last thing is you need to download MultiUSBBootable.exe software

[sdm_download id=”5926″ fancy=”0″]

After collecting all this follow below steps carefully

Stage1 :- open WinSetupFromUSB.exe



Step 2 :- select USB if not showing your USB please refresh.

Stage 3 :- Tick on “Auto format it with FBinst” option. And make sure “FAT32” option selected.

Step 4 :- Now tick on “Windows Vista/7/8/10/Server 2008/2012/based ISO” option and click on three dotted option to select your windows image ISO file.



Step 5 :- Now click on “Advanced options “ a new windows opened go to last option  and tick on Custom menu names for Vista/7/8/Server Source.



When you click on Go button same warning popup “press on ok “.




Press on Yes option



Specify Windows name as you want.




Step 6 :- Now this is last option to perform task  press “GO” button and wait until finish process

Note :- After completion of whole process  don’t close Tool until you done with all Windows ISO image


  Great Job  you done successfully


Now need to move toward create other image to make it multiple

Step 1 :- Follow the same above step but here you need to make some changes

Here don’t select  “Auto format it with FBinst” option.



Step 2 :- Now follow from Step 4 to step 6 and repeat same until you done all.

When you complete all process go to your targeted system to check your boot option.

I am sure you are able to do nicely if there is any issue please leave comment.



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